Beautiful People

//Beautiful People

Beautiful People

For 2019, I wanted to honor the people I was lucky to work with!

It is a challenging task to encompass the range of qualities I have seen in all the clients I have worked with; they all come from different walks of life, but I noticed they all share similar traits. Here’s the list!

The 6 common traits of people who seek help of hypnotherapy

1-First, they aren’t sick, but they all work toward a goal. They are ready to look to the future.

2-They all agree on one thing!

They won’t settle for less. These are the kind of people who notice things they don’t like about themselves and won’t accept to being driven by these things any longer. They don’t know how it is possible, they often don’t know if it is possible but they try and they succeed at 75%.

3-They take action

The logical next step after noticing an unwanted behavior. Where so many people give up for a thousand good reasons… Not them, they take a multitude of little actions, which create a strong desire to go further.

4-They are opened minded

Yes, we are talking about hypnosis here! According to Hollywood and TV shows, hypnotists either want to kill you, to control your mind or at the minimum, steal your money. You better be open minded to even consider something new and to walk against the flow of false information for the single sake of feeling better. Funny, these people seek the exact opposite of the myths.


Don’t you think it takes courage to admit there is something you need to work on? It is interesting that 73.3% of my clients are women. Less ego maybe?  I don’t know I’m not a Psychologist 

6- They are adventurous (64% of them)… the other 36% are French.

Going to see a European professional with a different nationality and often times a different native language demonstrates the absence of judgment and that they can jump into adventurous paths.

7-Finally, they want to be part of the solution

It has become more and more common for the people to take responsibility for their health and overall wellbeing. Alternative medicine educates people about how to live a healthier life rather than waiting for something to go wrong and then take prescribed drug.

Thank you for helping yourself, you are perfect!

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