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and raised in France, I left 15 years ago, with the wish of discovering and meeting new people, new cultures, different perceptions and thinking patterns. The wish of helping others arose from meeting various people from different walks of life and discovering that we all have inner resources to reach our goals and find happiness.


all the time new ways of reaching further, my curiosity brought me to many places; living for a year in the Antarctica, 4 years in Dubai, 3 years in Africa. My need to go further has driven me to climb the Himalayas and to swim with dolphins in New Zealand but my most meaningful experience actually occurred in much quieter and more relaxed moments; travelling inside of my mind during my first hypnosis experience. After living in 9 different countries and visiting all continents, I have decided to settle down and open my practice here in NYC.


others became a natural continuation of my journey, therefore, after 15 years of working, I decided to enroll in the most comprehensive and trusted existing hypnotherapy program at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. My training in hypnotherapy included the study of hypnosis, code of ethics, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), mental rehearsal, medical hypnosis (cancer, pain management, accelerated healing, childbirth) lectured by a pediatrician, physicians, and psychiatrists. I am also a certified hypnotherapist of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. I am willing to apply hypnosis to anyone who has a desire to achieve a goal.




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I highly recommend Sylvain Coulon and his hypnotherapy practice to anyone who struggles with a chronic condition.
The mind is an area that requires a trust worthy practitioner and Sylvain took the time to listen, take notes, and able to adapt his practice around my goals.
Sylvain really commits to his craft and empowers you along the way. You will learn how to use self-hypnosis to accelerate the process and other therapeutic tools that makes the work efficient and enjoyable.
After having met with other therapists before him, I’m happy to finally have found the best in this field.

★★★★★ Conrad S, New York City, NY

I had just moved recently from California and was having trouble balancing my life. He very informatively talked to me about how hypnosis worked, he explained it to me and showed me different methods and let me choose what I wanted. That day we worked on balance, I felt extremely relaxed the whole time and safe. After the session ended I felt a inexplicable heart full of happiness. The day after something switch in my brain and I started exercising more and eating healthier; my mind was so much more grounded and I was feeling very good. He’s great at what he does and he’s passionate about helping others. Thank you Sylvain!

★★★★★ Gloria M, New York City, NY