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In a world of endless distraction, it has become more and more difficult to Focus for more than a couple of seconds

Let’s face it, you can’t stop distractions from happening

However, you can learn tools to increase your focus

Did you notice how much you can accomplish when you are focused?

The goal of the sessions I offer is to help you get to this state of mind when you most need it.

It only takes a couple of sessions to master all the tools to live the life you want

It takes a couple of sessions to apply the tools and feel the transformation

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Cannot recommend Sylvain highly enough. He is a phenomenal teacher, and the visualization & NLP techniques that he uses are really incredible. I was having problems focusing at work due to a lot of external factors, and Sylvain taught me how to really cut through the noise and create new ways to focus. I’m still using his techniques, and could absolutely see myself going back for more at some point in the future!

Ethan S, New York City, NY

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