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Have you tried to lose weight in the past? I am guessing it wasn’t your first attempt.

Your diet might have worked for some time because you forced yourself to follow certain rules…

Is this what you want for your life? Struggling for years with your weight?

How about you lose the weight for good?

99% of our issues with weight stem from our beliefs and emotions.

I can help you learn to

Connect with your body

You can’t lose weight if you are disconnected from your body. You will build a respectful relationship with your body and trust what it tells you.

Change your beliefs

We have the tendency to carry old beliefs within us, however the beliefs you developed about food at a young age no longer applies to your life today. Once you accept the idea that food is nourishment and not a fulfillment, the decisions you make around food become more conscious and healthier.

Loosing weight using hypnosis is natural and effective

You adopt the psychology of a healthy eater and losing weight becomes

natural, easy and


It only takes a couple of sessions to master all the tools to live the life you want

It takes a couple of sessions to apply the tools and feel the transformation

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Look at your Options

No time for a session? 

Go with an Audio 🎧

This hypnotherapy Audio is made to: 

-Create new healthy habits

-Change the way you see food

-Create a connection with your body

-Energize and Motivate you

-Use the past as a source of strength

Listen to this audio twice a day for 2 full weeks

you will feel the beginning of change.

Repetition is important! Listen to it actively or passively:

On the street, commuting, in bed, while cooking…

Audio by Sylvain Coulon nyc

How to get the most out of your audio?

As mentioned in the audio, repetition is one of the keys to accepting new ideas.

It was designed to be listened to with your eyes open, while walking, running, cooking, commuting, at anytime of the day and night.

Repeat the sentences that resonate the most with you for even better results. Let it become part of you.


Customized, expert and attentive therapist

Elle K, Seoul