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What really stops you from speaking in public with ease? 

Is it the lack of knowledge? lack of preparation? 

Probably not! What blocks most people is “the fear”

 it is because it isn’t a rational fear. It is emotional

What you notice is the physical reactions that limit you every time you have to speak

This is your body protecting you from danger.

In Hypnosis, we discover what triggers the fear and update it not to affect you anymore.

Using Hypnosis to overcome a discomfort or stage fright

is possible by addressing the fear behind it

Most of the time, it is an event which occurred a long time ago that you are holding on to

Enroll in a 6 session program and speak with ease

for the rest of your life

This package comes with:

-Custom-made recording

-Six one-on-one sessions (in person or secured video)

-Unlimited email support

-Learning how your mind works

-Learning self-hynposis, NLP techniques, mental rehearsal

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After the program


Sylvain did an amazing job with me! My focus was to improve my “speech in public ” skills. I’ve always been pretty emotional while speaking in front of an audience doing presentations for work. This exercise being pretty recent though but about to happen on a regular basis, I decided to work on this fear with sylvain. Thanks to my 5 sessions, I’ve definitely improved. And believe it or not, today I did my first big speech in front of 250 people 😉
Thank you so much Sylvain!

Elsa V, New York City, NY