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Without a doubt, it is the mind that determines the outcome of our behaviors and performances .

Nowadays, it is common to have professional help for our physical body (medical doctors, personal trainers, coachs…). However, the mind is the part of our body that we use the most: 24/7 and yet it is left alone without assistance neither training.

The training of your mind doesn’t only help you reaching the goal you are targeting today, but also affects your daily life by creating divers positive changes. The first result after few sessions is learning how to know yourself better and how to listen to your body, to be more connected .In fact, as we use our mind for anything we do, the beneficial results are unlimited.

My areas of expertise


We sometime need a little help to overcome:
-Stress / Anxiety
-Low self-esteem
-Low confidence
-Fears / phobias
-Addiction, nicotine…
-Disturbed sleep pattern
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Extremely efficient in individual and team sports, I work with athletes to improve:
-Positive thoughts
-Team spirit
-Post performance recovery
-Body connection
-Positive outcome
-Removing limits
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Hypnosis has shown amazing results with:
-Boost Immune system
-Pre-post surgery
-Accelerated healing
-Pain management
-IBS syndrome
-Pregnancy / Childbirth
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I am working with individuals and organizations to facilitate:
-Team Building
-Job interviews
-Public speaking skills


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Acting, Dancing, Playing a music instrument or even Painting is a performance that requires:
during auditions and public appearances
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