What causes stage fright

What causes stage fright

To improve and strengthen your public speaking, there are various technics you can learn

It is important to learn public speaking tools, but is it really what stops you today?

I doubt it.

The concerns regarding public speaking are often associated with the equilibrium between fear and confidence rather than just knowing speaking technics.

Knowing how to move your body and hands, pace your words, and read your audience does make a difference. Yet, does using a little bit more of your hands mean that, all of a sudden, the fear is gone?

There might be a fear behind the physical reactions. Fear and anxiety restrict blood flow to your brain. Your mouth gets dry, memory goes blank, and you begin sweating, this means that your body has switched to the fight-or-flight response.  Your body is trying to protect you from something. The survival mode you body entered is stronger than logic and willpower.

Most of the time, you unconsciously hold on to a traumatic event, which occurred a long time ago. You can only change it when you change your perception of it. 

And this is where hypnosis makes the difference, it allows to reach that fear and to let it go. Through a safe and natural process, you update your beliefs and fears and can move on within a few sessions.


Here are the 2 Options 


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